REVA Announces Global Launch of the Advanced REVAi

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REVA Announces Global Launch of the Advanced REVAi

Postby MB » Thu Aug 02, 2007 12:32 pm

REVA Announces Global Launch of the Advanced REVAi
REVA also expands its operations in new European markets Norway and Spain

Bangalore, July 25, 2007
On a constant journey towards providing consumers with environment friendly and intelligent solutions for city mobility, REVA Electric Car Company (RECC), has launched the advanced REVA car, the REVAi.

The REVAi comes with a host of technological advancements and features that will benefit both the consumer and the environment.

Key to this technology is the AC drivetrain. This advancement in technology will give customers a greater driving experience, increased speed, range and acceleration. The REVAi also comes with improved aesthetics and interiors to further enhance the customer’s experience.

Chetan Maini, Deputy Chairman & CTO, RECC said “The REVAi has state of the art technology, making it the most advanced electric car in the global market today. The enhanced technology incorporated in the new REVAi and exciting new features will significantly benefit both the consumers and the environment. We have ensured that the REVAi delivers a greater driving experience as well as meets the needs of city driving for our consumers in India and internationally.â€Â

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