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Started planning the wind generator

Posted: Wed May 30, 2007 10:45 pm
by floydster
Just back from dinner with my electrician friend.

Started planning the wind power (which is on a tight budget) and came up with the following slimmed down version to gain some experience, all comments welcome.

The plan is to

1.install a second consumer unit switched between mains/wind power
2.move upper and lower sockets/lights to the new consumer unit additional sockets from the original mains only consumer unit for power hungry appliances such as vacuum cleaner, washing machine, kettle etc.
4.Cooker, electric shower and immersion heater stay on the mains only unit
5.connect the wind-battery-inverter outlet to the switch on the new consumer until

This will allow me to run lights and smaller appliances like TVs, laptop etc. off the wind power while keeping the heavy duty stuff connected to the mains (possibly to move to upgraded wind set-up later on). Hopefully this'll help keep the cost of the installation down while keeping the appliances that are on most of the time powered up.

We'll also be plugging in a few PV panels to top up too since it seems to be working so well powering my garage.

Hoping to have it complete by August/September time.

Please point out any obvious mistakes.