Battery Replacement

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Battery Replacement

Postby electricvehicles » Fri Oct 19, 2007 6:41 am

Looks like Going Green are back tracking a bit with regard to alternative batteries being fitted to the G-Wiz. I have had some real stick from some people saying that the battries that I was/are offering will not work on a G-Wiz and that REVA have spend years and years developing the vehicle and know what is best. So check this post out ----:

Hi Electricvehicles,

I work at GG as an Engineer and the Cmp batteries will require Drilling/soldering or changing the battery cabling to round clamps, GG no longer fit CMP batteries I believe it was a manufacturer decision and are using Trojan batteries (with easier bolt on cables) of a similar spec but tbh are more sensitive than the older CMP.
Another tip is if you change the batteries on a G-wiz you will have to disconnect some fuses and key parts before replacing the batteries to avoid frying sensitive parts of the car from the spark when you disconnect/reconnect the batteries.
(Some of the electronics on the car are not protected from electrical spikes caused by a spark which the fuses will allow through).

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