Old Berlingo as 2018 commuter

If you own a Electrique or any of the other PSA range of vehicles then look here for your answers and post your questions or general views here
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Old Berlingo as 2018 commuter

Postby timpootle » Sun May 27, 2018 9:19 pm

I have had an enquiry about using the old Berlingo with a 30 mile range as a commuter vehicle. Trying to be honest and helpful, I think I will have scared him off. Was I being fair? Here are my words:
> I'm looking at an electrique to get me into London and back daily and save myself £400 a month congestion and tcharge.
> I wanted to pick your brain regarding battery upgrades (nicad replace or Li-ion)
> The one I'm looking at charges fully in 2 hrs and has a range of 30 miles !!!!
> Are these alarming figures.
> Any help or knowledge or sites you can offer would be much appreciated.

How old is the car you are looking at? Peugeot/Citroen made the old NiCad Berlingo from about 1996 to 2003 then there is a newer lithium version starting around 2008. Duff ni-cad blocks are getting very hard to replace now. I chose a voltage for my lithium pack which matched the ni-cad controller (162v) but the newer vans run at 330v I think, which is a bit scary to be messing with.

Old vans had carbon brushes which need regular checking. New ones use an AC brushless motor.

In short they are very different vehicles.

30 mile range sounds a bit low for the old van, indicating at least one duff ni-cad block. A good set should always give you 40 miles, or 50 if you drive carefully. The new van gets close to 100 miles.

I gave up on the old Berlingo and now drive a Nissan LEAF which is more reliable and better supported. There are very few people in Europe (never mind the UK) with expertise to fix a motor controller is it has a problem. This can be caused by a bad 12v battery or by brushes wearing without being checked. If you keep the old wet Ni-Cads they need to be topped up in the right way or you risk flushing the electrolyte out of them as they warm up in normal use. Not to scare you off completely, but I would view these old vans as an enthusiasts vehicle now rather than a reliable commuter.
Tim Crumpton

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