Some clever new battery management software

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Some clever new battery management software

Postby MB » Mon Dec 15, 2008 12:28 am

G-Wiz Owners have had the benefit of some rather nice battery management software called BMS Monitor for the past eighteen months or so.

The software interrogates the Curtis controller in real time and allows you to monitor what is going on with the car as it is being used. It's a fantastic piece of software which allows the enthusiast to see what is actually going on inside the car, learn more about what makes it work and identify what is going wrong when there are problems.

The software has been a godsend for G-Wiz enthusiasts and has meant that a number of owners have been able to maintain their cars themselves.

BMS Monitor is a very good piece of software, but does have two drawbacks: firstly, you have to watch the screen to see what is going on at the same time as driving the car - something that isn't particularly safe unless you've got a passenger monitoring the screen whilst you are driving. Secondly, it is no longer free software: you have to pay for it - something that a lot of owners who are only casually interested have not wanted to do.

Another club member has now come up with their own piece of software. It does a slighly different job to the BMS Monitor - it only really concentrates on the batteries, but more importantly, it allows you to collate all the information without looking at the screen every two seconds and then analyse the information later on.

It isn't as good as the BMS Monitor if you want to know what makes your car 'tick', but it's great for monitoring the condition of your batteries and identifying any weak cells.

The software is free and available from the G-Wiz Owner's Club web site. With minor modification, it would also be suitable for other cars using the Curtis controllers.

If anyone wants a copy of the software, drop me a PM for details.
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