Unable to register Electric G-Van North Carolina US.

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Unable to register Electric G-Van North Carolina US.

Postby barryelkin » Fri Nov 20, 2009 10:32 pm


A neighbor and I have bought two 1991 G-Vans from West Texas A&M University. We have fixed everything that was not working and have spent thousands of dollars getting them ready for the road.
We have hundreds of pages of documentation: A Texas title, the original temp tags, the sales invoice, a copy of the manufacture’s . “Certificate of origin for vehicle” by Conceptor Industries of Newmarket Ontario.
Since the vin assigned to the vehicle by Conceptor is not in the NHTSA data base NC will not register the vehicle. A DMV inspector came out today and spent about and hour and a half talking with several people in the DMV but to no avail. They will not issue a NC title. It appears at this time we will have to try the “Gray Market” method of importing the vans from Canada even though then have been in the country for 18 years and are registered in TX.

Do you know of anyone we can talk with about this problem. It seems to me that NC could just issue a new vin as if it was a home build vehicle. The inspector said it is obviously not a home build vehicle and we would not be able to go that route. I have a call into NHTSA.
The administrator of the DMV in Ralegh NC contacted NHTSA and resolved my problem. I was very impressed with the help that I got from him. I now use one of the G-vans as my daily driver.

You can view the G-Vans at electricgvan dot com

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