2011, Low Miles, Ex-Lease Peugeot iOns For Sale

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2011, Low Miles, Ex-Lease Peugeot iOns For Sale

Postby martinwinlow » Mon Sep 22, 2014 7:03 pm

Folks might be interested to learn that Howard's of Taunton have several of these fabulous EVs for sale, all with very low miles - <5k or so. I bought one in January when they were asking £10k and now they are going for £7k. They are excellent cars and ideal as a local runaround/second car/city car but also fine for the long haul. Using the rapid charger network (mostly ecotricity rapid chargers) I have done 3 trips since Jan between my home in East Herts and my brother's home in East Devon. Whilst it is not the fastest of car journeys (figure a good 50% extra travel time on an ICEV) the charging is all free and the iOn is surprisingly comfortable and is quite content humming along at 70mph (top end is 85 or so). Expect about 55 miles range at this speed, 60 at 60 and 75+ below 50/55mph with no A/C or heat.

The iOn is also amazingly quick in traffic; I always leave all but the most ardent boy racers behind at the lights without really trying, such is the effect of its motor's torque. Hand on heart, possibly the best car I have owned in 40 years. The Howard's cars all have 6 months of the original 5 year drive train warranty to run though there is scant history of any issues with it, worldwide.

First 'major' service is at 36 THOUSAND MILES and that consists of topping up the coolant for the motor and controller cooling system, changing the cabin air filter and checking the tightness of the main battery connection. And, by the way, the air filter costs about £30 - That's 1700 miles of driving!

The bodywork is not as robustly constructed as the LEAF, for example, so I would 100% recommend a good post-purchase rust proofing with Waxoyl or similar.

It comes with a decent bluetooth stereo (that works very well with my iPhone) with CD player and USB connection, folding mirrors, tinted rear windows, LED rear lights and halogen projection head lights. The load area with the rear seats down is very flat and the car handles heavy loads extremely capably.

Anyway, if you do get tempted please mention my name as they'll bung me a finders fee if you buy!
Regards, Martin Winlow
Herts, UK

Richard Elliott
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Re: 2011, Low Miles, Ex-Lease Peugeot iOns For Sale

Postby Richard Elliott » Tue Sep 23, 2014 7:15 pm

Can concur with all Martin says - I've sold my previous EV (a Berlingo E500 van) and the I/C car and bought two of these little gems from Howards. They perform exceedingly well where I live down in hilly Devon and walk up any steep hill as if it isn't there. And as Martin says, boy racers have no chance at the traffic lights! I charge them up as far as possible from the solar panels on the house and that makes for very cheap motoring.
Richard Elliott

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