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Posted: Thu Aug 21, 2014 7:49 pm
by Richard Elliott
Yes, agree with message on previous thread - lovely little ev's. So much so I now run two - a his and hers and no I/c vehicle to fall back on! They suit our lifestyle which doesn't find us roaring off on long trips. Mainly local journeys. Going further afield has been achieved though with a little forethought, including visits to Ecotricity fast charging points on the southern end of the M5. Whilst the range is quoted in the blurb as 93 miles I think it is generally accepted that a top figure of around 70 miles is about it for average motoring. There's a website for Miev owners mainly based in the US that seems to quote these kind of figures. Mind you some are running around in sweltering conditions and others in extreme cold up mountains! The best I've achieved with both on half a charge is just over 40 miles. I've never run either of them right down to the flashing turtle! 60 miles and two bars left is the most I've run one down before plugging in to the 13 amp supply (with the sun shining brightly on the solar panels.)
What have others achieved? I live on the edge of Dartmoor so have some pretty steep hills wherever I go - they go up hills like they're not there and can leave large flashy petrol jobs standing!
Richard E