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Postby harry morris » Sat Dec 13, 2014 3:22 pm

Well hello fellow LEAFERS, am not new to the B V S, my normal forum is CITROEN and other P S A vehicles, I own two of these fine vehicles namely the CITROEN BERLINGO ECTREQUE
and intend to keep one of them in original condition for the foreseeable future.
So what am I doing here ? well I recently purchased one of these fine cars and I have to say I am impressed although the, ahem computer techknowlegy leaves me a bit befuddled but at 73 I think I'm entitled, yep only took me three days to finaly get CARWINGS to work.
The first thing I notice is the complete lack of charging facilities in my part of our country, i live in the very beautiful NORTH WEST, it never bothered me before as my old BERLINGO only did 40 miles on a charge but it's great for getting me to my place of part time work.
NONE of the supermarkets TESCO, ASDA, WAITROSE, MORRISONS etc etc and ALL the local councils including the penny pinching WEST LANCASHIRE COUCIL have NO charging bays in ANY of there car parks, this my dear NORTHWESTENERS IS GOING TO CHANGE !!!
TESCOS tell me they have charging facilities at THERE LONDON STORES erm I don't live in LONDN !!!!
So I have contacted my MP MRS ROSIE COOPER who has a habit of getting things done, and received a very encouraging letter from her, my local NISSAN dealer is going to contact all his NISSAN LEAF owners regarding this matter, if you have a look at the charging places in the NORTH WEST you'll notice they are few and very far between.
So there we are at the moment ladies and gentlemen, I have started this campain and I am determined to persue it to it's ultimate end, so from TODAY !!!!! WE ARE THE SILENT MINORITY, FLYING JOHN let's have your thoughts and experiences of the LEAF so far,we know you've sold the BERLINGO cheers for now everyone, HARRY MORRIS.

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Postby willfromsussex » Sun Mar 06, 2016 2:08 pm

hows this going? maybe retitle the topic btw?

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