Charging to 95%

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Charging to 95%

Postby Grumpy-b » Wed Apr 01, 2015 7:09 pm

If you have one of the later cars/ later BMS (Curtis gauge has only 3 options and car has a serial 9pin connector either in the front or under the NS rear of the carpet in the boot) and the car will only charge to 95 %, this is because one cell is going high voltage at the end of the charge. This causes the BMS to shut down the charger.
Buy a simple mechanical plug in timer, the type with small sections around the clock that can be pushed out in 15min segments to turn the timer on and off.
Set it for 15 mins on 3hr 45 mins off, for the whole 24hr period. Leave the car plugged in for a couple of days. This will allow the charger to charge, the high cell will go high and get bled down, the others wont all get bled down, but slowly the less high voltage cells will get higher and over a couple of days all the cells will get to a higher voltage until the pack will fully charge and 100% is readily achievable. Often the cell going high will also be a bit weak, but this process will up the overall pack voltage under load, and so lessen the current draw.

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