Cold weather tips

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Cold weather tips

Postby Grumpy-b » Wed Oct 01, 2014 7:32 am

The cold hits us as well as the cars, so wrap up well and take a few simple actions to help live with cold weather.

1. The heater will take about 8+ miles off the normal range if used for an hour. This wont be reflected on the % gauge as the power is taken straight from the battery pack and not through the controller that measures the % of power left. So dont use it unless you have to, and turn it off when you can.
2. As soon as you get in the car, crack open the drivers window 10mm and turn the fan onto the screen at higher settings, this both clears the screeen and takes your damp breath out of the car. Shut the windows when not in the car.
3. The cold at around 0c hampers the way the cells function, both power in and out. So as soon as you finish your journey, and the cells will be slightly warmed through the flow of the current, put the car on charge.
4. If possible keep the car under cover, if not covered keep them out of the wind.
5. Consider some form of cover that goes to the ground.
6. If you do use the heater remember that the battery pack will have a constant extra load, so dont try and get max performance in driving.
7. When at or near 0c dont drive hard or fast.
8. Check the water level of the heater is OK, If the Black version, coolant to the bottom of the filler neck, if the alloy version about 10cc from the top (Use a dipper/ stick). Top up with 50% antifreeze. If it is low dont just fill it up, check the hoses for leaks between the heater unit and the car bulkhead, this is best done on a lift but can be done using jacks and axle stands.
9. Tyre presures are just as important in the winter, around 35psi is good.
10. Make sure the power inlet has the earth pin at the bottom and the drain hole is clear. If not see earlier thread on this subject.
Keep the raer screen clean, as the car design means the rear screen does get dirty quite quickly.
11. Check the front wiper blade, these tend to split at the ends.
12. If your heater doesnt work contact me for replacements. (Also more effecient)


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