Vacuum pump runs a lot

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Vacuum pump runs a lot

Postby Grumpy-b » Tue Feb 04, 2014 8:40 am

The brake servo on the Evie is provided with its vacuum by a 12v electric pump mounted on the offside of the front battery box. There is a small rubber hose that connects to the servo.
A number of cars have the pump coming on and off constantly. This is generally caused by a small leak in the pipe work. A lot of the cars I see dont have a hose clip on either end, probably ok when new but as the rubber ages the pipe isnt so tight on the connections. So make sure the servo end of the hose is fully pushed on. then pull off the end on the pump and put two hose clamps on. Make sure you put them on in a way that you can get to the screw to tighten them up. Some have a hex head and so can be tightened with a spanner if that makes access easier. You need a clip around 18mm max. Refit to the pump tighten both clips and job done.
The vibration of the pump on the flat battery case side can be excesive. Use a section of high density carpet underlay down between the battery pack and the case side. Works a treat.
If you have to take off the vacuum pump, squeeze the metal clip on the plug and it can be pulled off. The pump held on by three screws through the side of the battery case, each screw being through a rubber bushing/mount. Only undo the top two screws on the pump and remove them. The pump can be slipped off the remaining rubber mount. This helps to re align the two screws later and is easier than taking out all three screws. Pull off the hose (Or undo the clamp first).
Reverse to install.


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