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New Heater

Postby Grumpy-b » Tue Oct 15, 2013 7:07 pm

I have now installed a couple of my new heaters and they work really well
They are a PTC device made to my spec, which I then mount into an aluminium frame. They are fitted by removing the old heater matrix (You have to cut its hose extensions or take out the complete dashboard) and inserting the new heater into the opening where the matrix used to live. At the front of the car you have to take off the bumper cover and support and remove the old heater unit. The new one plugs into where the old one us unplugged if its the black unit, or you will have to make two connections if its the aluminium one. I have as yet not sorted the connection for that version. You also have to take out the radio and the centre console in order to make a cable connection.
Overall it takes about 3 hours. I supply a complete blow by blow installation guide.

The units are about 2000w, and will cut out when it reaches 70c and cut back in at about 50c, as a PTS unit they will self regulate anyway.

Cost is £225 +vat and you get all that is required to fit except for some silicone sealant and insulation tape.
So no excuse for having a cold car this winter, even though the MES DEA unit is now not available at all in the required voltage range.

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