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Re: Is it a Supercar?... No it's a van....Or evil mistress

Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 7:45 am
by Grumpy-b
Since you dont know the state of the pack when it was last maintained etc, water it , (Not std procedure but vital when condition is unlnown to prevent further damage by the maint charge)then maintenance charge then water again. Only then can you start to assess just how bad the pack is.

Re: Is it a Supercar?... No it's a van....Or evil mistress

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2018 5:07 pm
by doopercoupe
Well Sparky 2 is still no playing the game. Managed to get some charge into the battery drove into the garage,showed Zero % with the eco meter flickering around half way, removed rear battery box all ok no dead cells reading 39v, checked centre box 74v upper front 25v and lower front 39v.
Put it back together plugged the charger in, after many hours it was up to 40% unplugged turned the key, clunk and wheels turned under its own power eco meter going up and down in unison with the go pedal, diff making noises because the nearside wheel partially seized. Plugged it in again for many more hours and it is up to 100% but the eco meter is on the red when I turn the key, there was a double clunk as if it tried to select drive but couldn't, did a reset and now no clunk at all and no drive but the "Forward green light flashes on and then off.
Maybe I need to clear any fault codes that have occurred, I purchased an Evlite diagnostic tool but I let it go when I sold Sparky 1, does anyone have one I can borrow, rent or buy? Or even a better diagnostic tool.

Grateful for any info.