Where can i find a copy of UK Quadricycle legislation

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Where can i find a copy of UK Quadricycle legislation

Postby Deauzie » Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:30 am


I need Help with finding a copy of the UK Quadricycle Legislation for Australian Lobbying as I wish to get new legislation implemented in my state of NSW

My plan is to start with a single person electric vehicle for wheelchair uses , registered as a Quadricycle not a automobile with a 5 start safety rating because if we, yes I'm disabilied wait that long I'll be dead before its on the road, So I want these vehicles to be looked at the same way a Nippy 3 wheel converted scooter built so a wheelchair bound person can get on the road affordably as self drive vehicles cost a fortune here in Australia ..There are a few companies producing these little wheelchair accessible vehicles so the only way I'll get on the road at an affordable price is to get the legislation threw myself

So if you or someone you know can send me a copy of the legislation in place for Quadricycles in the UK plus any other information which will help me with my project .thankyou

Paul Baker

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Re: Where can i find a copy of UK Quadricycle legislation

Postby RobNeedham » Mon Oct 29, 2012 1:14 pm

This might help a bit - but our law is currently being looked at to bring it in line with Europe I think so you may need to do further research.


Maybe write to these guys - as they are importing them they should know


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