The world of C5's - shaken by this bombshell !!

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The world of C5's - shaken by this bombshell !!

Postby booboo » Mon Jan 07, 2008 7:47 pm

From Marks "C5alive" website ;


This is a bit of a shocker, but today I was offered a business deal which is going to be so so hard to turn down.

If I take this opportunity, it would mean that I would have no option but to sell

Therefore, I thought I would see what interest there would be out there if C5Alive was to come up for offer.

The sale would include.....

10 Perfect Running C5's, including 3 Brand new ones - more if the buyer wished but I plan to keep some myself. These 10 would be...

2 average runners worth £300 each
3 Brand New C5's worth £999 each
5 Very good runners worth £400 - £600 each

It would also include aprox £1,000 worth or parts and accesories including 6 motors, 4 with gearboxes and 2 of which are brand new. There are many spare parts in the lot, everything from Battery Tops, fans, wheels, tyres, chainstays, lights etc etc etc etc. The new owner would also have the all important exclusive trade stand at the meeting in April !!

Also includes all the little bits you will need, from the necessary tools, plans, mobile phone with c5alives current phone number etc etc

It would also include the website, details of all suppliers and stock replacments, 1 weeks full training with free stay at my house if required, training in all aspects of running c5alive, from the webiste, to contacts, to fully repairing C5 vehicles, making up 24v kits and Qr kits, etc etc - everything you need to know to make a success of the business.

The business can be run in two ways -

Part time, to bring in a small profit on average of £400 - £700 per month
Full time, to bring in an average profit of £1,000 - £1,500 per month

and I can show you the best ways to do this.

C5alive is the most popular C5 website in the world, with nearly 80,000 unique visitors to the website last year. C5Alive appears on more website links than any other C5 shop website and I have customers all over the word including Austrailia, USA and even China !

For everything mentioned above, I am looking for offers in the region of £8,000, finance and monthly payments with a good size deposit could be possible and I am happy to listen to any offers, but the sale will be made to the enthusiast, rather than who can offer the most money !!!

It will only be sold to someone willing to continue the business in the same manner as its currently been running in. It can be run easily by anyone aged 4 to 90 years of age ( ok, well, maybe not quite that young !! )


I love running C5Alive and this is the hardest decision I am ever going to have to make, and so I will only sell If I get a good offer. The business deal I have been offered elsewhere is such a good offer and I would be mad to turn it down - but I may still turn it down in favour of C5Alive, even if it would mean turning down £40k per year !!!!

It depends on who is willing to take over c5alive and what offer they can make me - I will not sell c5alive unless I know its going to be in good hands !!

If I take on the new buiness I will not leave the c5 scene. I will not be selling c5 goods anymore, but I will still be very active on the forums and will still attend every single C5 meeting !!

So, I leave it to see what offers I get. Please do not make offers to buy the business here on the forums, but instead email me at

All the best


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Postby » Thu Jan 10, 2008 7:17 pm

No worries, C5Alive is no longer for sale !!

I have decided to turn the other offer down in favour for c5alive - I just love running this little business far too much and I would of been so so miserable if I had of let it go.

Now going to put this little bit of news behind me and never going to think about it again and look forward to the meetings in 2008 and years to come !!!


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