HE DATA 1000/48 DC Motor Controller from www.gravitron.co.uk

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HE DATA 1000/48 DC Motor Controller from www.gravitron.co.uk

Postby ProperCharging » Tue Aug 05, 2014 8:23 pm


I am helping my friend to hook up the HE DATA 1000/48 Controller, which he purchased quite some years ago from "gravitron".
The motor for his application is the LAAA4002 fan assisted series motor.
In the technical manual accompanied with the controller there was no schematic showing how to wire for Forward and Reverse operation.
“Wiring diagram for regenerative braking”(by M Nicholas, dated 01 Jan 99) shows the two coils in Forward and Reverse Contactor wired to the “Control Wire Connector” (pin 6 and 13), but no Forward/Reverse switch to operate vehicle direction.

Is there anyone familiar with the controller/motor combination who can help me?

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Re: HE DATA 1000/48 DC Motor Controller from www.gravitron.c

Postby Rory166 » Tue Aug 05, 2014 11:08 pm

Looking up this controller I see that it can regenerate with a series motor which is unusual. There are separate circuits to the armature and field. It would appear that the controller itself can reverse torque without the aid of a contactor that is required in the more usual setup.

The forward reverse switch would therefore be a low current input to the controller.

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