Battery Pack Charger Connection

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Re: Battery Pack Charger Connection

Postby esbro » Tue Apr 02, 2019 7:51 pm

Hi Grumpy-b, I have been doing a bit more research into this subject and, it seems that the 3 charger idea will work.
I've just come across this website (link below) which shows (better than I have been doing) what I meant about a 4 wire 3 phase (star) system

This is an extract:
"If a balanced symmetrical load is connected across three phase voltage system in parallel, then the three currents will flow in the neutral wire which quantities would be same, but they would be differ by 120° (out of phase), hence the vector sum of these three currents = 0.
i.e. IR + IY + IB = 0  "

Even with only two chargers in use, the phases used are still out of phase by 120 deg. reducing the apparent current.
This 4 wire system is the one used in domestic distribution from the 3 phase + neutral cable in the street to each house's single phase supply.

Any comments welcome. ..... Steve

Link - ... rrent.html

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