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Lightweight suspension source

Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2008 11:29 pm
by stuart mills
Found a nice supply of lightweight front suspension units from a quad supplier. New hubs/bearings/uprights/discs/calipers/pads and hoses, only £250. Let me know if you need any for your project. Stuart

Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2008 6:47 am
by electricvehicles
Sounds interesting, any chance of posting up the link of further contact details.

suspension source (lightweight)

Posted: Fri Feb 29, 2008 10:58 pm
by stuart mills
Anyone looking into a lightweight EV should consider quad bike parts. Try Andy Noble on he is very helpful and has a plethora of salvage parts. I got the front end of a Kwak KLF300 for £200 inc wishbones, dics and calipers. For the back of a trike you could consider a Peugot speedfighter scooter front fork with its leading arm suspension and disc and caliper, absolutely perfect as a trailing arm. Nearly all scooter used parts firms have these as its one of the most common on the road. For motor kits try a very informative site and a good range of smaller kits and good prices. Have fun building or just thinking about building an EV.