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Gigavac contactors

Postby EVguru » Tue Sep 30, 2008 10:36 am

The commonly used Albright contact are Ok, but they're quite bulky, aren't sealed and have quite high power consumption coils. They used to be rated for 120VDC (with magnetic blow-outs), but are now rated 96VDC. They're actually fine for use at 144 volt or higher, but Albright don't have the equipment to test them at higher voltage any more.

I've used Kilovac contactors for some while and I had a pair of EVX150's in the Scirocco. They were a bargain at US$99 each as bankrupt stock from US Electricar, but rather pricy at US$499 each full price. Killovac then came out with the EV200, which was a great product; compact, sealed, a built in coil economiser and quite cheap.

I've not had much helpful response from UK dealers for the EV200 and I heard about a new company, Gigavac, set up by ex Kilovac employees. I've recently made enquiries from the UK agent and have some pricing information.

It looks like I can get the GX12 for about £75 each and my prefered option, the version with auxillary contacts for around £90 (all +vat). If people are interested, I can try and organise a group buy and get the price down.

I prefer the auxillary contacts version as they make it possible to build a simple 'Stuck Contactor' warning circuit.

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Postby dillond666 » Sat Oct 04, 2008 10:08 am

I got my lev200 from evsource cheaper than I could get it in the UK.

Price currently is lev200a4anf (no aux contacts) £60 plus 20% for assorted (UK) taxes
and lev200h4ana(aux contacts) £78 plus 20% for assorted (UK) taxes.

That excludes postage however but as I was ordering a load of stuff it was less relevant to me.


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