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Re: South Wales Informal Meeting Proposal

Posted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 6:21 pm
by timpootle
tigerbay wrote:Would it also be possible for the North Wales Secretary to join us and would he have any ideas as to what day would be most suitable? :)

We had a committee meeting in Reading today, where I showed Frank Wykes (North Wales rep and vice chair) this post.

He said he was glad to see someone thinking of organising a regular meet-up, but he could not commit to attend. I suggest you pick a date and have a go, see who turns up. My Cheshire meet happens on the 16th of each month, which means the day of the week varies. Other groups choose e.g. 2nd Tuesday.

When you pick your date for the first meeting, I will make sure Frank knows about it. If he can get down to you, I'm sure he will.