Events for 2012

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John Cave
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Events for 2012

Postby John Cave » Sun Oct 02, 2011 9:55 pm

I want to start planning BVS events for next year but the key question is WHAT DO THE MEMBERS WANT?

Over the next few weeks I would like to develop and refine this thread to provide the committee with information to use when planning the programme for 2012.

What events will draw support? Vehicle exhibitions, track test days, efficiency competitions, road runs etc.

One day or two day events?

How far will members travel to take part in events? Fuel cost are high and a single event per year probably excludes too many people.

Do you know of any possible venues?

Ideas and opinions please via the forum or email

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Re: Events for 2012

Postby booboo » Mon Oct 03, 2011 12:36 pm

This is the reply I emailed to John who asked if I wouldn't mind placing my thoughts on this forum;

Nice to see the BVS moving towards getting out and about a bit more , I
think it is an excellent way of keeping existing members interested and
hopefully inspire a few more to join you. Not sure if this idea would work
for the BVS, but the strategy for setting up the c5alive events is to try
and achieve a mixture of three different "strands" ;

Static display events such as Brooklands, Ardingly Historic Vehicles Rally
etc. The idea being that the club member can bring along their family and
friends to a venue that also has other attractions, this avoids boredom
amongst "non-member" guests and helps to keep everyone happy .

Runs/Meetings where we take our c5's on a 10-15mile road trip and have a bit
of a laugh along the way. These help keep the social side going by getting
people off the forum to actually meet up and speak to each other, plus we
get to exchange tips and ideas on maintenance and repair etc.

Development stuff such as the BVS electrathon, Santa Pod AER and Prescott
Hill. Another means of exchanging tips and ideas and also keeps those happy
that like tinkering with stuff. Getting to mingle with other groups is also
very important.

One criticism I always face is in not setting up events in the north of the
country, I simply remind them that setting up a meeting or event is open to
all. Cost of travelling is an area of concern and does limit the number
attending but this can be off-set to a degree by negotiating free entry to
venues. Hope some of this helps, feel free to use the c5alive site as a
source of ideas.

All the best,

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Re: Events for 2012

Postby ChrisB » Mon Oct 03, 2011 5:56 pm

Down south we've done pretty well this year, with Beaulieu, Amberly, the drive it day at Winchester, and I suspect the greenpower event which is very soon at Goodwood, I even got along to the Prestige in wales with my electric bikes.

The main problem I think is most of our road vehicles currently have a fairly limited range which stops most from attending, you folks with the C5's are fairly lucky as you can chuck them in the boot or van and away you go, the country is your oyster 8)

I suspect all the southern events we have done this year will happen again next year (speak to TerryH) and it would be good to get an imporved look to our stands, but thats something I've been harping on about for a long time and also costs a lot of money.

With the current climate i.e peoples spending power is a lot less days out for a jolly are becoming a lot less, 300+ pop concerts have been pulled this year alone due to poor ticket sales, even our own electracon got pulled due to poor tickets sales I'm led to beleive.
With fuel prices at £6+ gallon I have to be very specific with what I attend and where I use to think yeah I'll just pop along to that its only a 200 mile round trip I have to think thats around £30 in fuel alone let alone wear and tear, then add an entrance fee or even over night stay and all of a sudden your up to nearly £100 once foods added into it.

Local events seem to work round here, the ones we have done here do always attract a reasonable turn out, mainly down to Terry sorting them out I will say and doing in the main the leg work for it.

For myself competitions and the such dont really interest me that much, for me its all about the promotion of cheap transport to joe public and the whole aspect of going somewhere which hasnt involved putting £6 gallon in the tank 8)

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Kevin Sharpe
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Re: Events for 2012

Postby Kevin Sharpe » Wed Oct 05, 2011 4:59 pm

John Cave wrote:Ideas and opinions please via the forum...
I think the BVS needs to decide what it's target audience is and market itself accordingly...

I'm primarily interested in convincing drivers that EV's are real and can be considered as practical alternatives to ICE vehicles. With this in mind I focus my efforts on mainstream car events and try to get both the Tesla and Leaf along so that we can contrast and compare.

Here are a few of the larger events that I exhibited at during the last 12 months (most free of charge);

Wilton House Classic Car and Supercar Day
Goodwood Tax Free Day
Goodwood FoS
Gumball 3000
Classics at the Castle, Sherborne
Brighton to London FCC
Eden Project
John o'Groats to Lands End trip

My suggestion would be to build a display around production vehicles such as the Leaf, i-Miev, Tesla, etc., and supplement it with the home build cars and bikes. I think the audience for production EV is growing everyday and the BVS needs to aggressively go after these people :)
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