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Southern area: 30th-31st Aug (Aug bank holiday) SHOW

Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2009 9:58 pm
by ChrisB
Terry Harding of the Southern arm of the BVS has secured us a stand at this great event at Broadlands, Romsey, Hants (nr Southampton)

I've been to this event with other car clubs for the past few years and its great with lots of stands etc and auto jumble and trade etc great if your in the process of building a project :wink:

I'll be there on the Monday with the Berlingo and the 5Kva Genny plus a 2Kva Genny and maybe another 3kva for folks to recharge although the 5kv one will be taken up for most of the day charging the Berlingo.

More details here

You will need to book in via Terry so let us know via PM or just via this thread and I'll get you in touch with Terry to get tickets.


Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2009 2:58 pm
by ChrisB
Tickets now very limited for this so if you havent made a noise yet then make it now as I think Terrys only got 1 or possible 2 left 8)

I've got mine :wink:


Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2009 9:15 pm
by qdos
Might come along with something, not sure what at the moment could be either extreme of the spectrum LOL

Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2009 10:23 pm
by ChrisB
Are you needing a ticket ?

I can only make the Monday, but hopefully be bringing 3 EV's 8)


Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 5:47 am
by qdos
Not sure yet. Might get some friends along with some of those noisy rumbly motors you love to listen to Chris ;) so might have our own 'stand' maybe in with the Supercars :twisted:

Posted: Thu Aug 27, 2009 7:25 am
by ChrisB
Just a reminder for this coming bank holiday weekend.

Hampshire Pagent of Motoring is generally quite an event with LOTS of motoring clubs attending, of course the BVS will be there to this year 8)

I'll be attending on the Monday due to another engagement on the Sunday but our team will be there on the Sunday to.

Come on down and take a look, I have a feeling there will be 3 road going EV's on display possible more, plus some electric bikes and of course I will be showing off my new LiFePO4 pack in one of them 8)


Posted: Tue Sep 01, 2009 3:06 pm
by ChrisB
Heres little report from me for Monday as that was the day I went :wink:

Sunday was apparently quite windy by all accounts.

Monday started off fairly poor weather wise with a small amount of misty rain, I arrived at around 9am and got to our stand just as it was being opened up, after a bit of jiggling about with the vehicles we settled down with an electric Berlingo, Electric 106, both seemed to get a good amount of interest, a Prius, Terrys oxgene that he did the "end to end" on, Three electric bikes and an electric motorbike making a total of 8 vehicles on the stand 7 of which were pure electric, all in all for the first time we've shown there I thought was quite a reasonable turn out 8)
I bought along a couple of huge 8 metre telescopic masts and hung some spinning flag things off which looked quite good and meant you could see the stand from pretty much anywhere on the site 8) had a couple of comments saying if we put generators on them we could charge the vehicles :lol:

Terry had organised rotor sheet which I duely signed onto so that we each took a turn to man the stand while others could then look around the show which is always a good idea and means its not left to just a couple of folk to man the stand all day and they then dont get a chance to see the rest of the show, well worth doing I think in my book as it avoids all the "I've been sat on this stand all day" comments :wink:

My slot was over lunch and thus once set up and got the genny running charging the berlingo I shot off to have a snoop about the rest of the show ground to see what else was on show.
Pretty much every kind of vehicle/club is on display with the only Alfa's being absent but I expect they broke down trying to get there :lol: , a reasonable auto jumble was taking place as well and a large amount trade stands selling pretty much anything you could possibley want from tools to gaskets, although very little for EV's appart from cable and connectors etc

The arena when I went past was hosting a stunt show with some guys doing some really high jumps and other tricks on motorbikes,trikes and quads. it also appeared that some of the clubs where going round the arena area as well, but it appeared that this needed to be booked in advance so maybe next year the BVS will have a silient drive round :wink:

Returning to our stand just before 12 you could'nt help notice a good few people looking about at the EV's and asking a good lot of questions, we met a couple of local chaps, one who has finshed a home conversion and looking at insurance (Hi Dennis) and another chap whos very interested in converting and both will be coming to this months southern area meet.

I think I could have sold my two folding bikes three times over, lots of folk very interested and several took them for a spin around the grounds, of course one was sporting my new LiFePO4 Ping battery, which so far I havent managed to flatten as I generally get bored of riding the bike and go home :lol:

I'm not sure how many memberships we may have taken (if they sign up) but I know of at least two making enquiries while I was about 8)

All in all a lovely show with just the weather for the whole weekend being a bit of a downer but Monday afternoon the sun came out and it was blistering but sadly I think the whole weekend weather had put a lot of folks off as I felt it was a lot quieter than last year (I was on a different stand last year) when it seemed to be packed the whole time.

I took a couple of pics that I'll post up later.

Big thanks to Terry for sorting the show out and also to those who attended displaying their vehicles 8)

Hopefully we will be back next year with a bigger and better stand with even more EV's on it :)


Posted: Wed Sep 09, 2009 7:41 pm
by ChrisB
Right time for a few pics of the day





While it never got really busy we always had a steady stream of visitors all day 8)

The only question I have is did Robs wife get home without the offered recharge :? did seem somewhat an impossible task ??


Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2009 5:05 pm
by arsharpe
Sorry didn't reply before hand just got back from an amazing Low Carbon Vehicle Show

Chris, I can confirm that Sylvia got home ok using the tried and tested 'Sharpe charge planning system'. She was ultra cautious so it ended being at an average speed of 30 mph. Ended up with 10% to spare. So it would have been 60 mile range about 30-35 mph. Which is nearly as good as the Berlingo.

I did do quite summary of this event myself but PC crashed and lost it all - might redo it soon.

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2009 9:20 pm
by ChrisB
arsharpe wrote:Chris, I can confirm that Sylvia got home ok using the tried and tested 'Sharpe charge planning system'. .

What on earth is THAT :?

Must admit I am very surprised you managed it as I thought the return trip was 34 miles and thus overal trip mileage must have been 68miles :? thus the reason why I was convinced it was going to be a tow job the last few miles :?