Events area guide lines before starting a topic

BVS Events area, want to meet up with fellow EV'ers then this is the place to post. Please follow the guidelines if you are starting a topic here.
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Events area guide lines before starting a topic

Postby ChrisB » Sat Apr 05, 2008 11:45 am

Welcome to the new Events section.

When starting a new topic to advertise a meeting or event it would be nice if you could follow a few guide lines so that its easy for folk to see what your meet is about and where abouts it is and when.
So when posting if you could fill the subject line of the first post please follow the below guide lines.

For example ................

Midlands : Sat 25th May 2008 : Informal


Southern : Sun 27th May 2008 : Regional


Midlands : Sunday 25th May 2008 : Show


North : Sunday 25th May 2008 : AGM

Currently the list of acronym's are........
Regional = Regional group gathering.
Informal = gathering at members house or pub etc
Show = public event that the BVS has a stand at.
Informal Show = Show that may not be an official BVS show but a member has set up.
AGM = annual general meeting.
CM = committee meeting.
RR = Road Run

You can of course combine multiple options of the above......

West Cornwall : Sunday 29th May 2008 : Regional/Show/AGM

This would mean that its a regional gathering of a group at a show and the AGM would be taking place :wink: easy really.

If you are planning a regular area meeting then why not start a generic thread similar to the normal type but leave the date blank but add say 3rd Tuesday in the month or similar.

The list could be added to as and when the need arises 8) this way it means you can quickly see whats what without having look at each post to find out exactly what and where a meet is :wink:

Any improvements you can see please let us know.

Eventually the forum will be sub-divided up I suspect, in to lots of regional areas but we'd need a lot more posts/events before we'd go down that route.

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