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Who are we?

Postby timpootle » Fri Nov 06, 2009 5:29 pm

Founded in 1973, the Battery Vehicle Society (BVS) is Britain’s foremost and longest-running Electric Vehicle (EV) society. Its members are spread throughout the UK and beyond; and their electric vehicle interests encompass production electric and hybrid vehicles, one-off builds and fossil-fuel to electric conversions.

Drawn from industry, academia and the general public, BVS members include consumers with past or current production EVs, amateur or professional EV constructors and converters, academics, car manufacturers, battery and BMS producers, etc. A Member’s vehicle might be an electric or hybrid van, car, motorbike, scooter, tricycle, bicycle or even a remote-controlled model.

The BVS facilitates the sharing of information on all aspects of the past, present and potential future of Battery Vehicles.

BVS members regularly attend shows and events throughout the year with their own vehicles (some bought and some built) in order to promote the interests of the society as well as educate the general public about the environmental and financial benefits of owning and driving EVs.

As well as promoting EVs, the BVS encourages and assists with the development, construction and operation of EVs by professionals and amateurs, and can advise on the purchase of a pure-EV or hybrid. Some of our members are also active ‘EVangelists’, campaigning about EV-related issues.

The BVS also encourages the preservation of historic EVs and maintains records of the history of electric vehicles to date.

With regional groups all over the UK membership of the BVS is a great way of connecting with other people local to you who are also interested in electric transport and helping you to buy, build or restore an EV of your own, either as a hobby or for a vehicle you can drive every day. Our members can advise on everything from where to buy a vehicle through to how to design your own motor.

The society’s members also hold a long-standing tradition of excellence in competitive land and water electric vehicle records, ranging from solar powered vehicles to high-speed motorbikes.

With a wealth of experience covering all aspects of electric vehicle design, our members represent some of the best electric vehicle expertise the UK has to offer.

As of September 2019, the Society is no longer accepting new members. Any queries should be directed to contact@batteryvehiclesociety.org.uk
Tim Crumpton

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