30 mile range car for £2k?

Do you own or use a EV. Then this is a good place to discuss things.
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Re: 30 mile range car for £2k?

Postby Grumpy-b » Fri Jan 16, 2015 8:43 am

Life is hard to predict. TESLA on the roadster expected the cars to do 50000miles and get to 70% that seems to be panning out, but the cells they used are very different to the large format ones. If you charge frequently, and under stress the cells, then I do believe that a 10+ year life id possible, but that at the end of that period the capacity will have been reduced by probably 20 to 30 %. Even that does not mean the cells are failing just having reduced capacity.
Thats two separate issues. Reduced capacity versus a failing cell. Similar outcome ie reduced range, but very different problems.
On the leaf they initially (Dont know if they do now) did not offer a replacement pack price, on the basis that a cell, battery unit (Actually 4 pouch cells in a metal can) could be replaced rather than replace the pack. They clearly expected some cell failures and had ways of dealing with that. TESLA have cells that short an internal fuse and take themselves out of the parallel string. (An internally shorted cell will pass to much current and break the fuse)
The greates issue with cells like Thundersky, Hi Power, sino poly etc and not so much CALB is the variation in build quality. More automation is making a great leap in quality and performance. Mounting is also an issue, many dont constrain the large format cells (Not hipower as they have cylinders inside) If they swell (mostly through heavy low discharge) the plates get separated and have a real hit in capabilities. If constrained they may swell at the sides but the plates remain in close contact.
With the cost of Lead acid in a car and a useful life of around 18months, even with a life of 5 to 6 years means lifepo4 are more cost effective, and will give a better performance, and weigh less for the same AH capacity.

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Re: 30 mile range car for £2k?

Postby icefree » Sun May 08, 2016 6:37 pm

I wonder if the op managed to buy a suitable EV within budget? i know it`s an old thread,but prices have moved on,i had a go in an old DC, G Wiz today,it was quite ace,i found myself with quite a painful EV grin :D

G Wiz`s are available these days for the op`s budget and requirements,maybe a G Wiz revival ;)

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