Experences with Prius Plug In Ranges

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Experences with Prius Plug In Ranges

Postby littlejobselectrical » Mon Dec 15, 2014 6:38 pm

I looked at a intresting car today. The Toyota Prius Plug In.
It was a used car up for £18500. Being a 2012.
As the plug in battery was nearly flat on the test drive I didn't get to experence the full use of EV.
So it was just like a normal Prius.
The dealer claims that I should get just over 10 miles using the battery only.
As most commutes to work is just over 6 miles the engine would not run much except for using the heater.
What I would like to here from other owners and users is what full EV ranges they get out of there Prius plug ins

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