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Re: 8 Battery Lead Acid Slave Board

Posted: Mon May 30, 2011 10:29 am
by dillond666
Thanks for the advice gentlemen.
I have focused on cleaning up the power going to the master board/monitor. I have installed a common mode inductor thingy (MuRata PLA10) with a couple of caps in front of it, this has helped a lot but I'm sure I can achieve better. Top tip for experimenting is to use 8pin dil sockets, I put one in my test lash-up before the inductor so that I could plug in various components with ease. Like a nano breadboard :wink:
While I was experimenting I wondered if there was a ground loop problem between master and monitor. I discovered you can ac couple the monitor vga cable (small cap in series) and it still works! Irrelevant but interesting 8)
I have ordered a few MuRata BNX002-01 DC filters, I have seen these on the central locking ECU on the wifes Merc but not known what they actually were! If it's good enough for Mercedes it'll probably be good enough for me :lol:

Good point about the mains lead on the Zivan, that runs right next to my slaves. I'll try foil screening the outside of the mains cable and earthing the screen to mains earth. The Maximite looks really cool.


Re: 8 Battery Lead Acid Slave Board

Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2012 7:09 pm
by dillond666
As I am on the verge of buying a LiFePo4 pack I will not be playing with the lead acid slave board again.
The board was never 100% reliable and functional for me. I should have included better decoupling for the MCU.
Low pass filtering on the ADC probably should have been implemented. Many other things should have been done better.
I also boobed a couple of bits on the PCB. A valuable learning experience though.