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Threads relating to the BMS system begun by Peter Perkins

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Read this first!!

Postby retepsnikrep » Wed Jun 23, 2010 5:43 pm

This is a dedicated subforum for the open source BMS project originally started by myself.

Please only post information or questions relevant to this project in this forum.

We make no claims about safety/effectiveness/reliability of this system.
It's just one of the many possible solutions now available for the management of EV batteries, and the standard disclaimer below applies.

This BMS carries no warranty or guarantee of any kind! It's used at your own risk, and I make no claims as to suitability for a particular function. Prospective users must evaluate the system before using it, and no liability will be entertained by anyone in any shape or form whatsoever.
The modules and software have been produced at low cost for the benefit of the EV & electronic community. The software is available free via the internet. Users may modify or adapt the system as they see fit. If you are not fully competent to work on potentially lethal battery systems and high voltages, then do not experiment with or use this system. Be aware that vehicle modifications can lead to invalidated insurance and warranty issues. You the end user remain fully liable for any modifications made to your vehicle.

A useful list of other available BMS designs for your consideration is here

The three old BMS threads had grown so large and unmanageable that we have now kindly been given our own "BMS" sub forum to manage this ongoing project.

The start of it all!


The additional threads added as the project grew

Over the comming weeks we will endeavour to start seperate threads for each part of the project. If you like reading feel free to browse the three old threads, this will help you get a flavour of the project and see how it has grown over the last couple of years.

Thanks for your interest

Peter Perkins
Regards Peter

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