Help Mega my mega city has gone bang!

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Help Mega my mega city has gone bang!

Postby Brentus » Thu Jul 17, 2014 4:51 am

I bought my 2007 Mega city car all electric 2 weeks (saturday from a ebay car dealer) I have been having a ball it is really fast 45mph top speed and it will do 35 miles to a charge if you take it easy, it charges well and there were no issues, that is until today bobbing along at 40mph on a quick errand and then a large metallic bang followed by no drive, we rolled to a halt on the side of the road.
I switched off the car by the master switch under the bonet, there was a electricity burning smell but no smoke, I then checked the big hefty fuse by the on off master switch and there was no problem there or any other fuses.

Two hours later it still smells a bit electric burn smell. all is lighting up on the dash d and r are selectable but not functioning when you press down the pedal.
Does any one have any suggestions of how I might fix this or what I should investigate first?
Any help or advice gladly accepted.
Best regards Brent (Nr Thame Oxon. :D

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Re: Help Mega my mega city has gone bang!

Postby Rory166 » Sat Jul 19, 2014 6:15 pm

Hi Brent

Shame I have only just read this as I was over your way ish on Friday and would have happily lent a hand.

Does the E-bay car dealer have to offer some sort of minimal guarantee I wonder?

In general terms it does sound as if the motor may have failed. I would suggest the purchase of a cheap multimeter from Maplins to trace the voltage from the battery to the controller and at the output of the controller. If you have got battery volts at the motor terminal and nothing happening that would rather confirm the motor has expired. Visual inspection of the motor by removing cover plates may also reveal the problem,

I do recall a car breaker on Ebay recently had a motor for sale, seemed a bit pricey to me. It is still there item no. 221488473382

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