Ashwood AC motor Sevcon G4 controller hybrid pack

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Ashwood AC motor Sevcon G4 controller hybrid pack

Postby David Arthur » Sat Sep 23, 2017 8:00 pm

Hi everybody has anybody got any expertise on the Ashwood Hybrid unit, as fitted to Ford Transits, i bought one and had a look inside, its got the Sevcon gen4 80v x 350amp controller inside and a bunch of Headway cells and although i can easily remove the basic controller and motor ext, its got a lot of spaghetti inside loom, and ime reluctant to play for fear of frying unit, so have put it up for sale on this site, but if anybody can forward a wiring diagram that would be great, ive seen a diagram on thunderstruck motors, but my unit has more wires branching off the 35pin block and i dont really know what they do, even with the manual and pin outs, its not quite the same, and i dont just want to just start joining wires up, one issue is an electrical unit which straddles the main in feed? with a couple of twisted pair wires, ime sure if i remove this and reconfigure, it will be fine, but i just dont know? anybody out there who could help, it would be much appreciated. yours Dave Arthur

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