Using Regen on an electric motorcycle ? ("shock, horror"!)

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Using Regen on an electric motorcycle ? ("shock, horror"!)

Postby ex925 » Fri Jan 08, 2016 10:19 pm

Re-started build (At last!)
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I seek comments on my mk2 TWEV, and particularly on possible regen-braking
There may be many views on this, and I hope to gain ideas from responses on here
I firmly believe that even negative criticism may help

I have now finally “properly” re-started building a (“Feet-forward”) mk2 Vn. of my TWEV.
I would appreciate any comments anyone would be willing to offer
I hope to post a few pictures as the build progresses

Brief spec. as at present:
Direct drive, “Big-Agni”, 2 x Zivan NG3s, 90 x 18A Turnigys, (in 3 x 30 x 6S/5P packs)
Kelly1200A controller at present, 120v.dc, (regen not being used at present)
Frame partly based on NTV650 of 1995, 100/90/17 front tyre, 150/70/17 rear tyre
Wood-framed alloy body, inspired by Craig Vetter and Terry Hershner

I wish to maximise range and rapid-charge by any possible means
As well as least rolling-resistance, weight, and CD/a, (and maximising VBR.....)
I wish to try to gain some regeneration-braking charge
(AFAIK, at least one TWEV manufacturer offers regen as standard)

Provisional ideas for some aspects of design which I hope might favour regen:

1 40/60 front to rear weight distribution, (similar to many motor-scooters)
2 Feet-forward seating position, CoM est. 5% aft of centre, rider onboard
3 (limited amount of...) negative lift from rear bodywork
4 Initial regen-only braking, friction applied by further pressure on (either?) lever
5 Some inherent regen on trailing throttle, cancelled by further “wind-down”
6 Regen deleted at switch-off, absent on switch-on unless actively selected
7 No transmission shock-absorber
8 Semi-soft compound tyres

I look forward eagerly to comments, many thanks, from Ed Gordon in Plymouth England

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