Ultracapacitors Make City Buses Cheaper

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Ultracapacitors Make City Buses Cheaper

Postby cambridge_jay » Thu Oct 22, 2009 10:46 am

8km range claimed for ultracapacitor buses between recharging stops

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Postby Night Train » Thu Oct 22, 2009 11:24 am


This is the method of improving public transport that I was proposing for a thesis study a couple of years ago.

The idea being that buses could recharge from stop to stop very quickly. I was looking at using flywheel batteries as they are fairly inert kit but capacitors were also an option.

My proposal was that bus companies could arrange with the electricity companies to install the charging point infrastructure in the bus stops in advance and then the buses could be rolled out with the new drive system power pack on a staged upgrade process. ICE and flywheel/capacitor buses could run side by side as the change over occurs. Once the system was established then local council and hospital transport could also use the bus stops for recharging while on rounds and then the recharge points could be added to parking bays, loading bays and waiting areas.

Local business delivery vehicles could then start using the same recharging points until they are rolled out in to general parking bays and loading areas.

It wouldn't matter whose regarging point is used as a smart meter would bill the appropriate vehicle operator.

It would lead to a cleaner city centre for all local large vehicles.

I guess if you have a good idea and start doing feasibility studies someone commercial will get there first.

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