Radio 4 Wind Turbine program

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Radio 4 Wind Turbine program

Postby ChrisB » Fri Mar 21, 2008 7:27 pm

There was an interesting program on Radio 4 a couple of weeks ago about the different sounds of wind turbines make and windturbines in general, took a bit of getting into but I found it quite interesting.
Its on the most excelent Speechification blog site for Radio 4 , yes I have been known to listen to Radio 4 :oops:
Link to the MP3 here on this page. ... -turbines/

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Postby 2e0bax » Tue Jul 01, 2008 9:14 pm

Finally downloaded the programme and listened to it on my phone (MP3 Player). Very interesting to hear the different opinions as i am VERY biased myself but i did get the feeling that more were for than against. Sean

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