Component suppliers, for wind turbine set up

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Component suppliers, for wind turbine set up

Postby Royce » Mon Jan 21, 2008 12:40 pm

Hi peeps,

I'm trying to assemble a set of components for a wind turbine set up, That'd be an inverter, DC to AC and an generator. I know I can buy inverters easily enough, but is there a known 'best buy' in the 2Kw range?

The generator is to be used on an impulse type turbine that runs most efficiently at low speed - around 200 rpm, so to avoid excessive (belt drive) gearing I'm looking for a low speed unit, making in the range 1Kw-1.5Kw, hopefully at not more than 2,000rpm. 12-24V DC ideally, uncontrolled, to be dumped into a battery pack, but if AC is better I can always rectify it. Is it possible to use a truck alternator (etc.) with some device to prevent power loss through the field when it's stationary?

Also, is is neccessary to have any battery controller - apart from safety devices? I'm expecting to use a lead acid battery bank, with overload/heat protection between the units.

I'm a mechanical engineer, so please keep it simple!



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Postby EVan » Tue Jan 22, 2008 2:03 pm

"Impulse" turbine? Do you mean something like a Savonius?

Almost all small turbines use direct-drive PM alternators these days (yes, as low as 200RPM). An Axial Flux design is recommended if you want to build your own - all the details you need can be found at the website of Hugh Piggott:

Truck / car alternators are not really suitable, and as you say would need gearing up greatly to work at all.

One option available is to use a grid connect inverter, to do this you need to wind your alternator for a higher voltage. If the energy is going to end up in vehicle batteries anyway, this simplfies things a bit.

Chinese made 12/24V inverters are available very cheaply these days but personally I use (and recommend) the Studer Sinewave range. A charge regulator with dump load is definitely recommended if you do use batteries!

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