Consumption survey discussion

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Consumption survey discussion

Postby ChrisB » Wed May 28, 2008 5:13 pm

Rather than bog down the actual survey with comments thought I'd start this one :wink:

microman wrote:A survey should always include some atypical entries - so here's mine:.................

4. All electric heating (reason for 2) so mid-winter peak load can reach 10kW or more. My load-shedding heating controller monitors everything and ensures we don't stretch our 60A supply too hard..................

I blew my 60 amp supply up :oops: so they increased it to 80A ........which I blew up a year later :oops: :lol: so its now a 100amp 8) have noticed I can make the incomer quite warm if I do start doing silly things, but since we removed all the storage heaters and have gone over to gas it doesnt happen any more :cry: was looking forward to seeing what they where going to do when I blew that one up as the last bloke that came out said they might have to renew the cable if I needed more :lol:

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Postby microman » Wed May 28, 2008 7:39 pm

Our 60A supply has survived 6 years so far and doesn't get noticeably warm under heavy loading. We have overhead distribution and the only way they could/would increase our supply was to add an additional 60A via a separate underground cable - at a high cost and with me providing the duct under the concrete drive etc. etc! Hence the load-shedding arrangement.

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