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House power consumption survey

Posted: Fri Apr 11, 2008 10:57 am
by aminorjourney
Hi folks,

I think this is probably the place for this thread.

I'm curious as to how much energy people use (if you have an energy meter that is!)

So here's a couple of quickies.

1) Who is your supplier?

2) What is your tarrif?

3) What is your average household consumption when the house is in it's usual 'standby' status. Include appliances you always leave on and perhaps say what they are.

4) What would you say the average consumption is when the house is being 'used' by you and/or family?

5) Do you have any off-grid or home generation?

6) Does your EV make much of an impact to your bill?

Posted: Fri Apr 11, 2008 11:02 am
by aminorjourney
Okay, so here's mine:

1) Southern Electric

2) BetterPlan

3) Probably about 350-400 W. We have one PC which we leave on all the time as it's the answer phone for my business and takes care of other household duties. When it's switched off we're at about 270W

4) Probably about 800W-1.2KW, depending on what's going on. We each have our own office and computer and so that makes a difference. If the oven or shower is on it's much higher as we have a 10KW shower :( (Solar shower, please?!) The dishwasher and washing machine are both A rated, as is the freezer, so that helps keep costs down a lot.

5) Not yet. We'd like either PV or Wind power. I have a 32 W solar array waiting to go up but that's going to power backup batteries for charging the electric bikes I think.

6) Not really. It's only a 600W charger. Although I've noticed that it uses about 40W when the car is plugged in and the charge is finished. I've started to charge it at night using a timer switch so I'll set it to only stay on for the 8 hours it'd need from empty.

Posted: Fri Apr 11, 2008 1:18 pm
by clnbrtltt
Hi Nikki,

1 Supplier Good Energy

2 Tarrif - higher than most as it's all renewable energy.

3 Standby is about 200-300w - 2 fridges and freezers (need 2 as we grow most of our own fruit and veg), clocks, freeview boxes.

4 Possibly 800w - 2kW+. Our average consumption varies considerably as when we are generating our own electricity we tend to use more. We have an oil range cooker and central heating unit for non generating days BUT can cook and partially heat with wood and electricity. Hence our oil bill has reduced noticably in the past year.

5 Grid connected Proven 6kW wind turbine which in the past year has averaged over 1kW every hour.

6 Only had EV just over 2 months but used for most local trips and haven't noticed the extra electricity used. It is fitted with a 1kW charger as well as the 3kW charger. By using the 1kW charger most of the time we seem to generate enough electricity to cover it.

Re: House power consumption survey

Posted: Fri Apr 11, 2008 8:50 pm
by ChrisB
1)Southern Electric

2) Economy 7

3)Cant get it below about 500watts best

4) Varies between 1.2kw and 2.5kw peaks 9kw (so far)

5) Nope still on the todo list :oops: but do have a wind genny in the garden and a pole but the pair have yet to be married.

6) No not that I've noticed over nearly a years worth of use, but then doing some quick calcs (and they are VERY basic calcs ) I suspect I've used about £80 worth of electric over year 8)

Looking at number six , it really does make me shudder when I have to buy fuel on the odd occasion from those places called fuel stations, the other day I filled up my wifes car and it took £60 !!!!! and she will be lucky to get 650 miles from that :cry: thats half a years worth of travelling for me and the berlingo :shock:


Posted: Sat Apr 12, 2008 10:31 pm
by floydster
1) e.on

2) ElectricityOnline Extra Saver 5 plan

3) 80W

4) 330W

5) 95% off grid 5% home generation (not for long!!)

6) No EV yet but a couple of bars of Kendal mint cake, some fruit and Lucozade sport can propel me for about 120 miles :)


Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2008 2:10 pm
by marktime
I like this thread, where's my anorak, I did not have an energy meter until very recently (installed today actually) but I have been taking meter readings on a weekly basis for some time.

1/ Ecotricity

2/ New Energy

3/ Don't have any data from my energy meter yet but we replaced a faulty larder fridge and an antique fridge/ freezer with A rated appliances last Nov and am seeing a significant drop in usage. I have also been very aggressive with standbys (ask the kids!) so I reckon that our background is made up of the fridge and fridge freezer, central heating system (timer etc), a couple of alarm clock radios, the freeview box and anything the kids get away with.

4/ Again don't have data from energy meter yet but from my meter readings I have found that in the run up to replacing the 'chillers' our annual use was c 6,000Kw or about 16.5Kw per day.
Now it is about 5,200Kw or 14Kw per day.

5/ Don't currently have any renewables but solar hot water is top of my list so that wont help much with the electricity.

6/ Don't currently have an EV but I am working on that.


Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2008 9:25 pm
by floydster
marktime wrote:5/ Don't currently have any renewables but solar hot water is top of my list so that wont help much with the electricity.

You'll have to fit an electric pump so unless your hot water is generated solely by electricity or your pump is powered by renewables your bill will go up.'ll still save a fortune :D


Posted: Tue May 27, 2008 7:59 pm
by microman
A survey should always include some atypical entries - so here's mine:

1 Good Energy.

2 Standard 100% renewable tariff.

3 About 350W - fridge, freezer, heating controller & time switches, Freeview box, modem.

4 All electric heating (reason for 2) so mid-winter peak load can reach 10kW or more. My load-shedding heating controller monitors everything and ensures we don't stretch our 60A supply too hard.

Total annual consumption is around 15000 kWHr.

5 Good Energy's wind turbines etc. are more efficient and economical than anything I could manage, though I keep (re)doing the calculations.

6 My bike's charger doesn't influence the above measurably, but an EV car would.

Posted: Tue May 27, 2008 8:51 pm
by mab
OK, I'll do my best - for info I live on a boat.

1/ probably edf (via marina)

2/ standard rate

3/ 0* *fridge runs ~15-25Ah/day off 12v battery depending on ambient temp = 0.18-0.3kwh if my calculation is correct. if it's sunny the solar panel matches this; if not it comes via the charger (I plug in when battery drops to 12.2V).

4/ from elec bills; 20-30kwh/month summer; 60-100kwh/month winter (mostly dehumidifier).

5/ 32W solar panel - on a good day (sunny & cold) it can match the fridge, LED & fluorescent lights & radio over 24Hr period (managed 13 consecutive days without needing to connect the charger in April).

6/ not applicable yet; but when I get one, I may be able to plug in in boatyard (won't cost me a penny that way 8) ).