Do you own an Enfield electric car or want to know about them, then his is your area.
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Postby pyoorkate » Sat Jul 14, 2007 10:21 am

So, yesterday we (my girlfriend and I) took the (my mum's) Enfield to it's MOT. Having chatted to the garage, they said it's 6 miles and there's one steep hill. The car just about got there - it turned out it was 8 miles and there were 3 decent sized hills, and the whole journey? Uphill. As we pulled in the (what we think is) worst cell voltage indicator was showing a rather sorry 6.6 volts.

The car promptly flew through it's MOT, but we knew that we'd not make it back up some of the steep hills we'd encountered on the way there. So having chatted to the guys at the centre they said 'go that way, one long hill near the beginning and then it's not so bad'. I also in sheer desperation got it plugged in on the (previously unused and untested) internal charger. We wandered off for half an hour and when we got back checked - it wasn't doing anything. I'm not 100% convinced it's connected to anything...

Uh, so we then attempted to make it back. The worst cell indicator display appears to cut off at about 4 volts. The car stop, completely shortly after that. At which point we got a very nice Bio-diesel driving SUV owner who pulled us away from the hideous corner at which we'd both decided we could no longer push up-hill. And then a nice RAC chap came and took us home....

So we have an MOT, and the car will do service for my mum's short journeys; but I noticed something a trifle odd - or what seemed a trifle odd to me; the batteries at the front were hot, really quite hot, and the ones at the back, stone cold. I also presume at least one of these batteries is sick...

Um, and I suspect I need to learn about Enfields; we also need to get the on-board charger working, 'cos at the moment my mum can't charge it...


Anyway. It was at least a partial success... :)
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Postby aminorjourney » Sat Jul 14, 2007 9:16 pm

Wooo hooo!: Arse.

Sorry to hear you had issues getting it back. How was it on the drive out?

I've spoken to JP and have some battery recommendations for you - Will try and ring perhaps tomorrow.

Would you like me to try and drop by some time to help diagnose the problem with the Enfield?

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