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Goupil G3

Postby daneboomer » Tue Jan 03, 2017 10:06 am

We have been offered a used Goupil G3. It's a 2012 model as far as I can ascertain (the year 2010 is also referenced in the spec we've been given but 2012 is referenced more often. I'm confused about the age/year to be honest. I'm wondering if it's a 2010 model first registered or imported in 2012? Not sure!!)

I'm wondering what the forum's view of these vehicles is? It's lead acid traction battery powered and my main concern is that the batteries should be tip top otherwise I suppose it's like buying a Diesel interference engine whose engine has just wrecked itself?! Right??

Can't seem to find ANY info on these vehicles anywhere online apart from in French.

many thanks

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