Legality of electric 'vehicles' that don't carry people, just cargo.

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Legality of electric 'vehicles' that don't carry people, just cargo.

Postby JBlakeX » Tue May 10, 2016 10:05 am


I'm currently in the process of building an electrically assisting garden trolley to use for days at the beach and camping etc to carry all my gear.

Think this: Image but with an electric motor with a maximum spead of 4 mph or so and loads of torque for moving heavy loads over sand.

I got to thinking that this might be of interest to others and was surprised that this kind of thing isn't readily available to purchase which led me to think that there must be some legal issue (as is the case with so many electric vehicles) however I can't find anything relating to this.

So to cut the long story short, does anyone have any info about the legality of using these types of machine is public space? I assume it will not be classed as a vehicle as it doesn't carry people; the closest thing I could think of is those electric golf trolleys that carry your clubs and follow behind you but those are only really used on private land.

Any info or thoughts would be great. Thanks!

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