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Postby stuart mills » Mon Dec 15, 2008 3:09 pm

Hi Everyone,
we have now produced a set of fabrication drawings on CAD.
Previously we sent them out as a PDF. Info also includes road regulation details, 3 lots of component suppliers details, steering/suspension set up. Motor selection, battery options, gear calculations etc etc. Only £50. You can pay by paypal. Our account name is info@mevltd.co.uk Guide emailed to you the same day. Do it without our help if you like but our input will ensure;
you get maximum range,
you choose the right set up for your intended use,
you dont cook your motor,
you dont overload your batteries,
you dont get bump steer.
you do get ackerman,
you do get self centering,
you do get the gear ratios correct,
you do pay the right price for components,
you can put it on the U.K roads legally,
you produce a strong chassis to handle the loads,
you produce a light chassis that is torsionaly stiff,
you get the handling and suspension set up right,
but most of all, you have fun building it and driving it!

E trike racing will happen when a few more get built, now that will be fun!

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