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Postby martinwinlow » Thu May 26, 2011 9:19 am

Came across this mob today (for the first time). As I have been living in the middle of their 'patch' for the last 8 years and having been running a DIY EV for the last 2 (12k miles, now), I was a bit surprised not to have heard of them before. I have emailed them to suggest they raise their profile a bit by posting on the BVS forum or putting an ad on the BVS main page or something. I did a search on the BVS forum for them before posting this and nothing came up.

From their front page...

"EValu8, the East of England's bid to become a Plugged in Place has been approved by Government. Philip Hammond, Secretary of State for Transport made the announcement on 14 December. The project will see the installation of 1,200 charging points across the East of England.
This site will soon provide key information for consumers, stakeholders, and business innovators."
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Postby Grumpy-b » Thu May 26, 2011 10:55 am

I went to one of their presentations prior to the submission.
To me it was a seriously flawed approach. It is based upon a Herts Uni run project to provide very expensive power points on key locations out of london along the Main trunk routes and towns. All linked to their central computerised system. All originally promoted by the East of England Development Agency (RIP) an the private company brought into promoting the whole scheme.
It all relies on matched funding. Problem is a £5k installed cost is way above anything any local authority council could consider, even 50% of the cost with ongoing support costs. The main problem being that councils currently only need to give a simple service, just to say they can provide something. 10 X £500 installation sitting there doing not a lot for perhaps 5 years , is better value than one flash socket doing little for a whole borough.
This was conceived when we still had Regional Development agencies with cash and aspirations, its being implemented in a post Public sector cost reduction time. I fear they will spend a lot on putting the cental Computer kit in place, and little on the ground.
I hope they can deliver something from this, but its all about providing some way of charging the new vehicles that Government is paying £5k towards.
Wrong solution at the wrong time.


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